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Vintage Wooden Cameroon Stool - Specialty

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30.5"W x 30.5"D x 24.5"H (Seat Height 24.5) - Africa - Wood

The Bamileke stools found in Cameroon have been a tradition and staple in village life for thousands of years! They are carved from a single piece of wood and It's that fact that makes this work of art so incredible. The tradition of craftsmanship to take one piece of wood and carve with such such beauty and function is truly art and a skill that is lost in most places now. It's furniture made with passion and that has a soul. For the many that we have come across; this one is extra special, as so few come with figures carved into them. A frog symbolizes transformation, fertility, reawakening, windfall, purity, ancient knowledge and the ability to increase our aims for reaching a wanted state of satisfaction and illumination.