Antique Berber Terracotta Water Jar


SKU: 745-273-01

Width: 17 in

Depth: 17 in

Height: 16 in

17"W x 17"D x 16"H - Morocco - Terracotta

Dating back over 150 years, these Berber jars were used for the transport and serving of water. They were reserved for special occasions in the desert regions and individually commissioned. These are an extremely rare find. These antique Moroccan pots were discovered in late 2019 on one of our expeditions. I searched every day for them and was told by vendors throughout Morocco that they could no longer be found anymore because all the antique pots had been exported to Europe. We finally found one guy who had a yard that had remained closed for years. When the gates opened, we cannot tell you how thrilled we were.

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