Antique Indonesian Root Coffee Table


SKU: 135-132-01

Width: 52.5 in

Depth: 48 in

Height: 18 in

52.5W x 48D x 18H - Indonesia - Teak

These teak root pieces range from coffee tables to consoles, benches to artistic sculptures. Like the previous versions, these are also from roots dug up in old-growth forests managed by the Indonesian government. What makes these distinct however is that they range from 4'-8' and are finished in a light lacquer to bring out the natural depth and contrast of the teak grain. Whereas our previous versions were stark white, these are just a hint warmer and transition beautifully across design styles. Again, these pieces excel in large environments and can be used with or without glass tops as the surfaces are principally contiguous. Each is a stand-alone work of natural art. Should you require a custom glass top, dimensions, or even a modified finish, we are delighted to help

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