Egyptian Vessel

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SKU: 745-489-52

7"W x 7"D x 12.75"H - Egypt - Terracotta

This Egyptian terracotta vase with two handles is a small artifact that offers a glimpse into ancient Egyptian culture and craftsmanship. Made from clay and fired to harden it, this vase likely served various purposes in daily life, such as holding water, oil, or other liquids. Its two handles suggest that it was designed for easy carrying and pouring, indicating its practical utility. The terracotta material was commonly used in ancient Egypt due to its availability and suitability for creating vessels like this vase. The vase's design may feature simple embellishments or markings, offering potential insights into the artistic styles and symbols of the time. Each detail, from its shape to its decorations, could provide clues about its specific use and the cultural context in which it was made. Overall, this small terracotta vase is not only a functional object but also a valuable artifact that helps us understand the daily life and material culture of ancient Egypt.