Antique Cizhou Wine Jar

$1,900.00 USD
SKU: 745-410-02

10"W x 10"D x 16.5"H - China - Terracotta

Handcrafted Cizhou wares are decorated characteristically with iron-pigmented brown slip atop a cream-colored background and then covered with a clear glaze to seal the intricate detailing. Slip is a clay slurry used to produce pottery and other ceramic wares. Therefore, the process to create these striking details on these vessels is a work of art. These beautiful vessels are hand-painted with either feather motifs or calligraphy designs. Over the years, the jars have developed an organic patina that makes them even more appealing. Cizhou ware ceramics were initially intended to be enjoyed by mainly the middle class for storing wine. Customarily, the wine was consumed during celebrations and festivals. Owning one of these jars is truly an honor, and they make an exceptional objet d'art to enhance your space.