Antique Stone Kundi Planter With Handles

$2,500.00 USD
SKU: 502-166-07

22"W x 22"D x 14"H (Inside Diameter 20") - India - Stone

This antique stone Kundi planter from India is a timeless and elegant piece that reflects the country's rich heritage. Crafted with care, this planter features a classic Kundi design, showcasing traditional Indian aesthetics. The antique stone finish adds character, while the inclusion of handles enhances its practicality. The planter's historical charm is palpable, making it a distinctive addition to any garden or interior space. Its durable stone construction ensures longevity, and the handles provide ease of movement. This antique stone Kundi planter seamlessly combines functionality with a touch of vintage Indian craftsmanship, making it a standout decor item with enduring appeal.