Indonesian Planter

$650.00 USD
SKU: 503-726-06

17"W x 17"D x 26"H (Inside Diameter 13.5") - Indonesia - Terracotta

This vintage terracotta planter with limestone finish is a timeless and rustic piece that blends traditional craftsmanship with natural beauty. Handcrafted in Indonesia, this planter showcases the unique charm of terracotta with a limestone finish, giving it an earthy and weathered appearance. The vintage appeal of the planter is enhanced by its aged patina, adding character to any garden or indoor space. Its sturdy construction and natural materials make it a durable and stylish choice for displaying your favorite plants. The combination of terracotta and limestone creates a harmonious aesthetic that brings a touch of Indonesian craftsmanship to your home or garden, making it a standout decor item with a classic and enduring quality.