Moroccan Ceramic Tile Top - Rectangle

$2,400.00 USD
SKU: 122-039-06

79"W x 39.5"D x 1"H - Morocco - Ceramic

Moroccans have been designing these tile tops for centuries and they never fail to be a staple in the design world. Moroccans don't have access to a vast quantity of quality raw materials like other countries do. However, that has fostered a fierce design drive that's fused with fearlessness in design decisions. Color, pattern and an individual artisans approach to every piece are just a few traits. These table tops with their striking patterns, perfection in the imperfection that comes with a process steeped in experience, but unafraid to be guided by feel and less by plans. That's why no two are ever the same and an investment in one of these is an investment in furniture that showers your space with style, warmth, and a soul.