Moroccan Green Half Glazed 2-Handle Terracotta Vessel


SKU: 745-326

11"W x 11"D x 17"H - Morocco - Terracotta

Immerse your space in the allure of Moroccan craftsmanship with this Moroccan green half glazed vessel. This exquisite piece seamlessly marries traditional charm with modern aesthetics. The vessel, crafted from durable terracotta, features a captivating green glaze that adorns half its surface, creating a stunning visual contrast. Two gracefully curved handles enhance its functionality while adding a touch of grace to the overall design. Whether used as a decorative centerpiece or a functional storage vessel, this Moroccan creation introduces an element of enchantment to your surroundings. The blend of vibrant green and earthy terracotta speaks to the rich artistic heritage of Morocco, making this vessel not just a utilitarian item but a work of art that elevates any space with its distinctive allure.