Vintage Turkish Stone Mortar

$550.00 USD
SKU: 507-001-46

13.5"W x 12"D x 7"H - Turkey - Stone

Even today, mortars are a part of our every day lives. Take a trip to your local retailer, and you will find ones that have been manufactured in a very efficient, simple, and practical fashion. Then, all one has to do is spend some time studying these treasures from Turkey. The time it takes to hand chisel the marble and the attention to detail that went into each one individually are immeasurable. Was it the type of nuts that were grounded in the mortar that dictated the design, or was it a carver's artistic influence? The way the stone has naturally weathered, chipped and oxidized from water, weather, and oils created an added layer of charm, soul, and a one-of-a-kind appeal that can't be duplicated. Now, these curated treasures can have a great repurposed second life. Plant some succulents, add an orchid, or even serve nuts in them the next time you entertain. Rest assured, the hundred years it took for these objets d'art to find a home with you, will always be enjoyed! Note: We have a limited amount of pestles, so please feel free to ask us if we have any left.