Vintage Wood Stump Vessel

$450.00 USD
SKU: 745-478-04

11.75"W x 11.75"D x 13.75"H - India - Wood

This vintage wood vessel from India, carved from a tree stump, is a rustic yet elegant piece of craftsmanship. Made from solid wood, it retains the natural shape and texture of the original tree, lending it a unique and organic charm. Carefully sanded down to a smooth finish, the vessel showcases the beauty of the wood's grain and natural patterns. Its simple yet striking design makes it a versatile accent piece that can be used as a decorative bowl, a planter, or a standalone decor item. Adding to its allure, there are intricate decorative details carved on the lower portion, enhancing its visual appeal. Additionally, it sits atop a carved pedestal base, elevating its presence and adding a touch of sophistication to its rustic aesthetic. Handcrafted with care in India, this wood vessel celebrates the beauty of nature and adds a touch of rustic warmth to any space.