White Indian Bone Box

$420.00 USD
SKU: 585-111-01

18"W x 6"D x 4"H - India - Bone

This exquisite box from India blends traditional craftsmanship with elegant design. Crafted from a stout wood, the box is adorned with intricate patterns of delicate white bone inlay, creating a striking contrast that catches the eye. The meticulous handiwork of skilled artisans is evident in every detail. This box serves both functional and decorative purposes, providing a stylish storage solution for small treasures or keepsakes. Its timeless beauty and cultural significance make it a cherished addition to any home decor, reflecting the artistry and heritage of India's artisanal traditions. Whether displayed prominently on a shelf or used to store cherished belongings, this wood and bone box is sure to captivate admirers with its timeless charm and craftsmanship.